Saturday, October 29, 2016

Donald Duck in Math-a-Magic Land

While the following video is not directly related to Freemasonry (and I don't think Donald Duck was ever a Freemason) the importance of specifically geometry, arithmetic, Pythagoras, are special to the Freemason. 
(Video approximately 20min)

The Five Pointed Star, the Circle, and the Triangles (Right & Equilateral) are introduced to a brother mason during his initiations for the first three degrees. Additionally, the Mason is encouraged to study the seven liberal arts & sciences: ... Arithmetic, Logic, Grammar, Rhetoric, Geometry, Music, and Astronomy.

The above video displays how three basic geometrical shapes connect with, and are vital, to the seven liberal arts and sciences.

My fellow brothers take the concept of this video and think back to the signs and symbols in our rituals. The ancient math used by our operative brothers over a thousand years ago is still within and advocated by our Lodges today. Just a bit more subtle.

~Fiat Lux & Scientia Est Potentia