Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Masonic Creed

Masonic Creed 
by Warbard 

"Freemasonry teaches us that each member has a duty to their country, their God, their neighbor, and themselves. We are taught not only to hold each life as sacred, but to hold sacred each memory and experience that gives that life meaning. 

We learn that the greatest battles fought are against the demons within ourselves and the greatest peace one can offer is through eternal vigilance. We are taught to seek the angels of our better nature and with those wings lift up those in despair or in need. 

We are given the tools of masonry and are taught to build that spiritual Temple within ourselves. As workers and warriors, professors and priests, we move at all social levels and yet as brothers we meet as equals. 

Our history is that of Sword, Trowel & Song. Our prayers are to the Great Architect of the Universe and our duties are not only to ourselves but to that Undiscovered Country. We are Freemasons; we are that Light that is not seen until the Darkness has fallen. Then do we shine!”