Tuesday, December 31, 2013

FTFC Update

We will be putting the kits together on Thursday January 16th at Palo Duro Lodge starting at 6PM. We will be assisted by some staff from the Masonic Home and School, who will coordinate the project as they did last year.  With the large turnout last year, it didn't take very long to get the kits assembled.

Hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fantastic Teeth Fan Club

Several area lodges are teaming up this year to try to pass out even more kits to area kids around the Panhandle.  The Fantastic Teeth Fan Club is a terrific program sponsored by the Masonic Home and School of Texas, where dental kits (consisting of toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, a two minute timer, toothbrush cover, informational brochures, and a glow in the dark sticker) are provided to first graders.

"The Fantastic Teeth Fan Club focuses on preventing tooth decay in children – and the resulting pain, suffering, and cost of dental services – by teaching children and parents good dental habits. this program, sponsored by Masonic Home and School of Texas (MHS), delivers thousands of free prevent tooth decay kits across the state of Texas. The program’s outstanding success depends on local Masonic Lodges partnering with MHS to assemble kits and deliver them to schools."

Click here for more information!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Grand Master's Homecoming Banquet

Harley Wayne Green

Please check out the plea below on behalf of Harley and Chris McDougal’s great grandson, 5 month-old Harley Wayne Green.  Harley McDougal passed away a few years ago and was a member of San Jacinto Lodge, as is little Harley’s dad, Jarrod Green (Sarah White’s brother, and Tony Vaughn’s brother in law).  If you would like a T-shirt, just let me know and I will put in the order for you, or you can contact Sarah at the number below.  They will also accept donations from individuals, or from your Lodge if they choose to support this little brother.  Keep them in your prayers and help out if you can.  Thank you for supporting a brother’s family in need.

On 5.14.13 Harley was born a whopping 9 lbs 13 oz. he was a big boy. They discovered that most of that was fluids he had been retaining and several days later, he was back to newborn size. Everything seemed ok for a while. He developed jaundice and they did several tests including a liver biopsy. They put him on some different vitamins and the jaundice cleared up quite a bit. They went back for a checkup when he turned yellow again. This time a test showed that things were not going right in his little liver. They were quickly referred to a doctor in Houston. Soon Harley had 10 doctors and they said he was a very sick baby. After slowly ruling out several other diseases, they decided he had a rare virus that attacks his organs. They decided that he needed a liver transplant. At this point his kidneys had also slowed down so they had him set up and ready to go for dialysis. His potassium levels were really high so they tried to up his glucose level from 57 to 100 and it got into the 300s instead. Since then they've had him sedated and restrained and ready for a transplant. A liver became available! But at that point Harley was not stable enough for surgery, so the liver went to the next person on the transplant list. The next day, Harley lost a lot of blood (I'm not sure what started it, but I know his blood was really thin and it wasn't clotting) his blood pressure dropped and his little heart actually stopped for a short while. The doctors worked quickly and got him blood and the care he needed and brought him back around! A few days later he started bleeding again, but they caught it much faster. They gave him something to make his blood clot more. They put Harley on dialysis on Monday and will do it every day for a week and every other day the week after that. It seems to be working, Harley peed this morning! It's been a few days since he had. They say Harley is stable enough for a new liver now! I have faith he will have a new one soon!

We're selling 2 different t-shirts to help with medical expenses. If you or anyone you know would like to buy one, please let me know. 

There is also a Benefit Savings account at Amarillo National Bank, which you can donate directly to!

Green t-shirt with white ink. $15, all sizes available.       
Black and white, green donor ribbon on the back.

Thank you so much for caring for Harley, we all appreciate your prayers.

Thank you,
Aunt Sarah White

Update 10/15:  
Little Harley got a new liver in a procedure that went even better than expected!  This is good news, but keep on helping and praying he comes through with flying colors…

Update 10/21 (From Harley's Dad): 
Little Harley is doing well. We are still in the PICU here at Texas children's hospital in Houston, with several months left on their projected discharge time frame. He has been progressively getting better and his labs show his progress. His liver functions are slowly getting better, but he is still on a ventilator and constant dialysis. We will be in the PICU for approximately 2 months and then on to a "lesser care" floor, one where we see the nurses just for meds and labs. Right now we have one nurse and sometimes two nurses in the room at all times due to his need of constant care. We have a plethora of doctor teams that come and check up on Harley like clockwork.  Thank you to everyone that has donated to the Harley cause. It has helped a lot because I have run out of PTO and now I am taking absent by permission. So bills are being paid thanks to all of my brothers in Amarillo!

Update 11/22 (From Harley's Dad):
I wanted to let you and all of the guys know that Harley is doing great, his Drs are all impressed with his progress. His kidneys have not come back yet but the Drs and nurses are very confident that they will soon. Within the next few days we will be moved from the PICU to the PCU (progressive care unit). The PCU is a step down from PICU and a step up from the regular hospital rooms. The Drs have taken him off of 99% of his meds and have gone from constant dialysis to intermittent hemo dialysis. The HD  is every day for four hours, but soon that will look at doing it every other day to "challenge his kidneys". Still a long way from home but I think we are out of the worst. He had caught a virus about 2 weeks ago and it had the Drs very scared. In fact one of the doctors told us that it wasn't good and we had better start praying. Harley made it through the virus with no problem. He actually got his breathing tube out and was on room air during this virus. It seems as if nothing will slow this little trooper down! I want to thank all of you for the prayers and donations since we have been here.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


The Masonic Education and Service Committee of the grand Lodge of Texas will be having another workshop on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at the Amarillo Lodge #731 at 7PM.

The workshop program is for all Masons, but has been designed specifically for Worshipful Masters and Wardens.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Toys From Templars

In Defense of Helpless Orphans”… Amarillo Commandery will be running our Toys From Templars campaign throughout the year.  T-shirts, Hoodies and Socks with our limited-edition Christmas design (below left) are still available for purchase for $12.50 (plus $2.50 for our “more imposing” brothers), $26 and $2/pair resp., and our year-round TFT logo (below right) will be available continuously.  Become a sponsor at the $200 or $500 levels and you will be recognized on the back of our T-Shirts.  Ask Gary or Josh about it and join us in supporting these kids. NOW IN BLACK AND GRAY!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Masonic Creed

Masonic Creed 
by Warbard 

"Freemasonry teaches us that each member has a duty to their country, their God, their neighbor, and themselves. We are taught not only to hold each life as sacred, but to hold sacred each memory and experience that gives that life meaning. 

We learn that the greatest battles fought are against the demons within ourselves and the greatest peace one can offer is through eternal vigilance. We are taught to seek the angels of our better nature and with those wings lift up those in despair or in need. 

We are given the tools of masonry and are taught to build that spiritual Temple within ourselves. As workers and warriors, professors and priests, we move at all social levels and yet as brothers we meet as equals. 

Our history is that of Sword, Trowel & Song. Our prayers are to the Great Architect of the Universe and our duties are not only to ourselves but to that Undiscovered Country. We are Freemasons; we are that Light that is not seen until the Darkness has fallen. Then do we shine!”